Friday, 10 February 2012

Pollock Park and a bit of DIY

Yesterday I dragged myself out of bed nice and early to drive the crew over to Pollock Park in the southside of Glasgow to film Paul's "3 Minute Film Project."
Filming went quite smoothly I thought, despite us missing the monopod and Lisa as an actress! Alex got nice and cold lying on the wet grass in his underwear, but the shots were good. To passers by it must have looked a tad odd. Also worth noting, leaf blowers are not acceptable background atmos for a spooky forest scene...
After filming, we headed to the Burrell Collection for some lunch in the cafe and a quick poke round the exhibitions. Oh and we couldn't resist the siren call of the play park.

Today, I had to spend the day in the flat waiting on a painter, so I decided to make use out of my free time and construct a boom pole. Made out of an extendable painter's pole, foam bicycle grips, electrical tape and a tripod screw, it works very well! Cost me the grand total of £9.50 too, which isn't too bad of a poor student on a budget. Quite chuffed with my craftsmanship, and can't wait to put it to use on my next production.

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