Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Can we do that again?

The thing I look forward to most on DVD extras tends to be the blooper reels or the outtakes. In some cases they are funnier than the original feature!
What I like about them is the small insight into the acting and filming world, a reminder that the characters are played by actors and are not real people. Some people find this shattering of character wholly unpleasant and ruins the illusion for them, but for me I think it's quite refreshing to hear a bit of on-set banter and general mess-ups.
When I film anything, I always keep the duff takes and the banter caught on film, it provides a good laugh when you come across it in the editing process, a welcome break from the monotonous splicing and rendering of clips. I've also recently come across messages recorded on the Zoom H1 by my crew during shooting, random little funny sound bites that cheer me up to no end!
Anyway, today was a rather fruitless day in college, we were briefed on our graded unit which we will be staring soon (music video), then spent the rest of the day watching music videos on Youtube and tying up loose ends of editing.


  1. I agree, I like seeing behind the scenes. Doctor Who Confidential, for example, was really good because not only did you get to see the actors messing about but you also got to find out how a very successful programme is made - and given it uses a lot of stunts and CGI it's got an extra special effects element to it. Plus, it was good for introducing you to different departments - not just camera men and actors, but costume, lighting, production - they even had a feature on the catering staff in one episode! Sadly it's been axed, although there was recently a petition to get it restored although I understand that the BBC Trust is dragging their heels over responding. It's a real shame that BBC 3 can't see how interesting and insightful Confidential is.

    1. Yeah I agree, I love seeing behind the scenes, especially seeing as I'm interested in the TV industry. Never really watched DWC, but I'm sure it amounts to the same thing :)