Monday, 6 February 2012

Moving pictures

How animation falls into the category of Television production is beyond me (surely if i wanted to be the next Matt Groening I'd have gone on a specific animation course?), but alas the SQA says it does and if I'd like to gain my HND at the end of this course, I have to partake in the animation of my sub standard drawings.
That said, I actually don't mind animation. Despite it being quite time consuming, it's fairly satisfying to see my creations come to life and move across the screen, unconfined by the boring old laws of physics. My animation (based around Narwhals, don't ask) turned out ok I suppose, although it's safe to say it's not my forte.
To pass the animation unit, the student has to produce a 30 second animation of original art work put to music. I drew a few characters, that wouldn't look out of place on a nursery wall, scanned them in, cut them into layers on Photoshop and spent countless hours playing god and giving them life. I wrote a short guitar backing track for it, and hey presto, I had something to hand in:

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