Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Love Flaps

Today saw the filming of Calum Bryce's masterpiece "Love Lapse" (lovingly re-named "Love Flaps" by the crew).
As part of the classes "3 Minute Films" project, we bailed on our law lecture, which incidentally was cancelled anyway,  and headed down to George Square to start filming. We did however hit a slight snag when Calum overlooked seeking permission to film on the square and we were asked to move along by a council worker. The situation was soon sorted after a quick phone call to the council, and filming was able to start again soon after.

It's hard to swap lenses when you can't feel your hands. And feet. But we're professionals (or at least we try to be), so we battle through it. We completed the filming in good time, with some really nice shots (thanks to Paul's new 50mm prime), packed up the kit and strolled up to Alex's flat to film the last few scenes. (N.B. Volvic works well as fake tears)

Managed a short session this evening at the GCC with Jessica, got a few wee crimpy top-ropes done and a quick bouldering session after. Jess is coming along well, good progress, even if she doesn't feel like it. Reaching the top isn't everything when it comes to beginner rock climbing.

More editing tomorrow, maybe some test shots, then shooting Paul's "3 Minute Film" on Thursday. Psyched!

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