Wednesday, 22 February 2012

In the Family

On Monday I headed along to the Glasgow Film Theatre for an evening of film related shenanigans. We were to make a piece for the Glasgow Film Festival's video blog about the evening's showing of the film "In the Family".
We had an interview set up for 4 o'clock and so we were there in good time to have a quick recce of the place and set up our kit. Unfortunately after the kit was set up in the GFT press room, a crew from STV arrived and had us take down our kit so that they could conduct an interview with someone. This pushed our shedule to breaking point as 4 o'clock came and went with no sign of them finishing any time soon. Our interviewee, Patrick Wang (director of the "In the Family"), arrived and was kept entertained by Colin in the GFT's café while we hummed and hawwed outside the press room.
Eventually at half past 4, the STV interview finished up and the let us back in to the room to set up our kit again. Patrick was brought in and the interview went ahead. Despite some minor sound issues, the interview went very well and I was very pleased with the footage we took. It was then another dissmantling of the kit, before heading down to cinema 2 to set up for the recording of the introduction to the film and Q&A session after the showing.
The film was very good, very well shot and very moving indeed. It was however 2hrs 49mins long which to my mind is far too long for any film. I felt there was a lot that could have been easily cut out. That said, the story was fairly gripping and it didn't drag too much.
As soon as the credits began to roll, it was action stations to get the cameras rolling before the start of the Q&A. We had had very bad sound issues with the line-out from the microphones when setting up earlier and so were relying on the onboard mics and my Zoom H1 recorder placed on the table they sat at. When it came to editing later however, this turned out to not be such an issue as the Zoom proved itself very well and took some great audio!

I spent yesterday editing the footage, along with some stills and clips from the film, and it should be up on the GFF's video blog later today. My first piece of published work!


  1. I'll look out for it! Bit rubbish that STV barged in and took your room though.

  2. Yeah I know, but what can you do? Big fish little fish and all that.