Monday, 19 March 2012

S.H.I.T. (E) 3

So on Saturday I braved the early start and arrived in Newcastle at 8.11am. As the city cleaned up from the night before, I rolled around with Brian looking for somewhere to have breakfast, finally ending up in the most nasty greasy spoon you can imagine....set us up perfectly for a day of sport!
After meeting the other Glasgow folks later, and the Edinburgh crew too, we headed through the maze that is Newcastle town centre, and over to the polo court for the tournament.
My team played ok I suppose, but we seemed to lack the ability to score goals, a major issue in a tournament! Still, 3 excellent games of polo were played, and we spent the rest of the day lying in the sun watching the other games and drinking Sainsbury's finest Biere De Flandres.
Team Sensible took the victory at the end of the day, congratulations to them!
On my way back to the station on my own - I'd foolishly booked a fairly early train home - I managed to get lost again, only finding the station by pure luck. As I came through the ticket barrier the guard was getting ready to wave the train off, but I managed to jump aboard just in time for the long journey home.
Here's an edit I made of the day, Cheers to all the good folks of Newcastle for the time and effort they put into making it happen!

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