Sunday, 4 March 2012

In the Studio

As I mentioned in my last entry, on Friday I cruised down to Greenock in the Stow College minibus to spend the morning at James Watt College in their TV studio using the multi-cam facility. Due to the poor turn out of students, we had to have some assistance from Fiona and Archie who kindly stood in as interviewer amd interviewee (they did indeed provide some fantastically hilarious improv).
I was floor manager first, which was a fun job, if slightly infuriating having Calum laughing and howling through my headset and not being able to hit him!
I then took a turn as sound engineer, however past turning the mics on, there wasn't much involved in that. Next I was vision mixer which was good fun, but I wasn't brilliant at sticking to the instructions from the director and got slightly carried away adding my own cuts. Finally I took another turn as floor manager which I enjoyed again.
However I'd have liked to have taken a shot on the cameras but again, due to the lack of students, we were forced to keep the static on the studio floor.
All in all it was a brilliant morning and a good laugh, even if I had to endure a tired early morning bus ride. I'd like to go back with more of us and do it properly so that I may take a turn on the cameras, as it is ultimately my preffered carrer choice!

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