Thursday, 1 March 2012

Early bird

So today, I'm up at 6.15am to go to James Watt College to use their multicam studio facility. To say I'm not excited would be a lie, however I could have done with the extra few winks. I don't mind getting up at silly o'clock when going winter climbing for example, the excitement usually having kept me up all night anyway, but today I really lack the motivation to mount my bike and pedal sluggishly into college to get the coach at 7.45am.
That said, my chosen career will see me up at ungodly hours on a fairly regular basis. Hauling cameras and gear about while the birds sing their morning chorus. Bottemless cups of tea and coffee being my only fuel source. Bloodshot eyes from lack of kip. Grumpy, sleep deprived co-workers.
It's going to be awesome.

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