Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Graded Unit and silly old bike polo

So I haven't updated this in a while, the reason (main reason) for it is the Graded Unit work I've been doing for college. It's basically our end of year final piece, the only piece in the year that we get an actual grade for and not just pass/fail. Currently wading through paperwork, which ammounts to 40% of the grade. Hopefully have it all done tonight ready for tomorrow's deadline, only a few little bits and bobs to clear up. Once that's done, I can start getting ready to actually film something!

This coming Saturday, I board the 6am (6am!) train to Newcastle to play in the Scottish Hardcourt International Tournament (S.H.I.T.). I'm pretty psyched to get a chance to play in a tournament, and even more so in another country. I recently finished my Rasta polo bike, and yesterday I fitted new brakes and fixed my duel lever, so she's ready and raring to go! Next stop, Newcastle (wheyey man)

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