Wednesday, 12 September 2012

He's back, and he's got a new trick....

Goodness me, how time flies eh?
Here is a loooong overdue update to the life and times of myself...

Last time I wrote on this, I was facing the depression of a summer with no plans in sight. And now I am at the end of that summer, but on reflection I do have at least some things to show for it.
I started instructing at the Glasgow Climbing Centre in June, and after 3 months I'm still enjoying it (a rare occurrence for me!) It's a great job, and it allows me to impart my climbing wisdoms on the next generation of beasts, as was done for me so long ago. The pay is helpful and the free climbing even more so.
Working in a climbing centre has other perks too. I'm constantly in a climbing environment, which allows me to focus on my own climbing goals and also to get as much time trying to achieve them as possible. And so it follows that a little over a month ago, I climbed my first 7c on my third attempt (never did get that tan....) and oh so sweet it was! However, I quickly set my eyes on bigger sights, 8a.
Been working it for a few weeks now, have come frustratingly close many times, but again it's just a matter of time before the imposing number falls and I can have written in my epitaph: "Euan Ryan - Once climbed 8a dontcha know?"

Film-making and such! Done quite a fair amount over the summer, be it small personal projects to slightly larger (paid!) work. As part of my connections with the Glasgow Climbing Centre, I made another short promo for them, focusing on climbing in schools and education. I was pretty pleased with the outcome and it was really nice to work closely with the client to produce exactly what they're looking for.
Another project was with James Wright of 5th Floor Cycling. Myself and Paul did a promotional video for him, as part of a new sponsorship deal for the company. A short piece showcasing James as a cyclist and as a fasion guru... (nice shades!)

Last month, Andrew, John and myself attempted the West Highland Way. Despite not making it to the end (blisters, heavy rucksacks, knackered knees and crohn's disease) we had a great few days out in the wild of Scotland which despite the physical toll, was really quite enjoyable. And as any good film-maker does, I took my camera along for the ride...

GCC Schools Promo

James Wright: An Introduction

The Way Ahead:

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