Friday, 4 May 2012

DIY Film Making

Long time no speak. Time flies when you're pre-occupied with college work and other such jobs.
So here is the long awaited (by who exactly?) update on my life and times.
I've been putting in the hard graft in college recently, mainly finishing off paper work and touching up bits and pieces of my edit. Colour correcting out my nut! Que massive renders and a lot of time spent messing around and drinking coffee waiting for it to finish.
The final graded unit bits to be handed in are coming up and after that I'll be sorting out a show-reel for the end of year showing at the GFT. Should be a laugh looking through all my work throughout the year and the (hopefully good) progression in the quality of my work...

I've been filming quite a lot of gigs recently, all un-paid despite the clear monies being made by the promoters. Also invested in 20 pairs of ear-plugs to prevent my ear-drums being pounded to an early grave.

Yesterday, in preparation for Tuesday's shoot, Paul and I took a trip in the clio-mobile to B&Q and set about testing the structural integrity of various poles and pipes for use in the construction of our jib. Spent a good few hours (manly hours) sawing, hammering and drilling and have come up with a pretty decent camera slider and most of a jib, which I hope to complete today after a trip to the builder's mecca that is Bill's Tool Store.

Stand-by for some aerial madness....

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