Monday, 9 April 2012

Music Videos, Graded Unit and Bicycling

Well, here is a long over-due blog post. Tied up between Graded Unit work and various other projects recently, I've not had many oppertunities to sit and write.
So the filming for my music video went really well last Friday. Got all the shots I needed, brilliant weather yet again, and a healthy dose of directing power!
I've been editing the footage over the past week or so, watching it over endlessly and tweaking bits and pieces. Still not very good at colour correction but I'm learning gradually, I think I'll need another masterclass from Paul. I've quite enjoyed editing the music video, fitting cuts to music beats etc has been quite challenging and interesting.

Had a few changes to the bike recently, most notibly a new set of wheels. 700c deep-rim Weinmann jobs improve the look of the bike, the weight and most impressivly, the speed! 23c slick tyres, just perfect for powering about town.

Been playing Polo quite a bit too, getting better day by day. However obtaining the nickname "Do a Crash" probably best describes my playing style.

Also went to Ratho with Jessica on Friday, her first visit to the mammoth climbing arena. A good day was had, Jess managing to complete a pretty big lead climb, easily her highest to date. I also had a few shots on the new comp wall, testing my stamina to the limit on the ever increasing over-hang...

^Photo belongs to James Watson

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